What Are You Good At?

Good day DreamKit members.

When I heard the question, “What are you good at”, I thought to myself, this would be an easy answer. But when I sat down to think about an answer, it was not as easy as I thought. This article is a great way to help you figure out natural strengths which you can use in every day life.

We all want to break those negative thoughts and here are some types on how to do that:

  • Take five to ten minutes each day and focus on the things you do well. Takes notes. Have a journal in hand. It could be one word or a full sentence. Journaling is a great way to start the day on a positive note. You can check out the article linked below on journaling if you want to learn more info about it: What Can Journaling Do For You With Alex.
  • Think about activities and skills that make you feel empowered and help you strive to be a better version of yourself. Self improvement is a constant effort where you are continuously learning about yourself.
  • Think to yourself, what makes you smile and what makes you feel warm inside.
  • Ask others what they think you are good at. Think about when family or friends come to you to seek your help on something. Trust and respect what others think about you.
  • Focus on your accomplishments and what you have done that you are most proud of.

I am writing this article in hope that it will improve your position in life, mental positivity, and confidence. The tips from this article can be used in everyday aspects where it’s socially or professionally.

I am going to share a website with you that will help you find what you like to do. Go to: mynextmove.org and answer the questions to find out what your interests are. This questionnaire even helps you prepare for a job interview. This website helps you decide what kind of career you would like to explore.

Stay positive!

Michelle S.

aka DJ Skitlz

DJ, advocate, lover of God